Safe In The Comfort Zone

  • May 29, 2017

Rule No. 1 at the Occupational Health & Safety Administration (OSHA) reads: “All workers have the right to workplace safety.” As a promotional consultant, it’s your job to help provide brandable apparel solutions that protect hardworking men and women against workplace hazards.

You’re also called upon to know when safety gear could add value to a campaign or program. While some professions are notorious for safety risks—logging, construction and engineering, for example—bear in mind there are equally dangerous professions that don’t get anywhere near the degree of attention for their inherent potential to cause harm.

Agricultural workers, roofers and garbage collectors all face frequent exposure to workplace danger. Janitors and housekeeping staff commonly face injury on the job, too, as do restaurant employees. Couriers and movers are susceptible to all manner of injuries, from minor to severe. Even office workers can sustain long-term damage without proper ergonomic support.

It helps to keep current on safety standards pertaining to your clients’ industries as well. Being in the know strengthens relations with these clients and offers selling opportunities.

“New and more stringent standards requiring higher levels of protection … have been around for a few years, but the adoption rate has been slow in some industries,” says Jim Towey, vice president of marketing for Piscataway, New Jersey-based supplier Tingley Rubber Corporation (UPIC: T564919). “As industry flame-resistant standards evolve, customers are looking for product and material solutions that put them in compliance and are affordable.”

Suppliers are also introducing compliant clothing that is intelligently designed and incorporates creature comforts, such as fleece lining.

“Customers are looking for safety gear that provides more comfort and style,” Towey says. “They want products that fit and feel like their recreational apparel.”

For the men and women putting themselves in harm’s way every day, a bit of comfort isn’t too much to ask.

Tama UnderwoodJune 2015PPB Magazine

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