Top 5 Ways to Show Your Employees They're Valued

  • Mar 2, 2018

By Aarielle Courtney


Happy Employee Appreciation Day!

Where would you be without your employees? They are the backbone of your company. While today is a great opportunity to show them they're valued, it's important to show appreciation to them throughout the year. Did you know that companies with effective employee recognition programs enjoy 31% lower voluntary turnover rates, reducing high costs associated with hiring and training? An employee that feels respected, acknowledged and important is less likely to call in sick, show up late, or quit. If you need help implementing an employee incentive or appreciation program, let us know. In the meantime, use these handy tips throughout the year!




1. Remember birthdays (and do something about them)

This one's pretty easy. Everyone has birthdays! Mark it in your Google calendar so you don't forget, and when the time comes make them feel special. Get them a cake. Grab a birthday card and something special, and put it in one of your branded totes (can be cheaper than wrapping paper and better for the environment). You could even dress up the office!



2. Be social

Social media rules our lives now, and who doesn't like a shout-out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Tag them in a photo you took of them at the office today let them know they're doing an #awesomejob for all the world to see.



3. Rotating trophy

This can be a fun addition that not only shows appreciation, but as long as it's done in good fun can also promote a little healthy competition. Find something that someone will actually want to keep on their desk, like this awesome bluetooth speaker/potted plant combo, and let an employee that exemplifies one of your values keep it on their desk for a week. Don't forget to pass it along to someone else the next week, though! 


4. Acknowledge daily things

Chances are your employees spend more time working for you then they do anywhere else, and every day they're faced with new challenges, obstacles, and accomplishments that oftentimes go unnoticed. Don't let that happen! Send a quick email letting your employee know you appreciate how well they dealt with that one horrible client, or how happy you are that they managed to snag that account. 


5. Start a health and wellness program

The health of your employees should be important to you! Gym memberships are expensive, and your employees would really appreciate a discount to a certain gym or reimbursement on a portion of their own membership. Take this a step further and provide them with some fitness related equipment to take with them with your brand on it (water bottles, gym bags, resistance bands, and more). This is a win-win for everyone: healthy employees will be taking your branded fitness material to a gym where other healthy people will see it!


BONUS: Start them off on the right foot (or start again) with a welcome package

It's never to get started on the right foot with your employees. Whether they are a new hire or a veteran, use an employee welcome package to prepare them for a successful career with you, and to show them they are valued. Start them off with industry-specific items like a messenger bag, padfolio, and multi-hub for office staff, or high-quality jackets, hoodies, toques and hands-free bluetooth earbuds/mics for your outdoor employees. Everyone could use a notebook, and we can even customize them with a welcome message, instructions and rules so everyone has easy access to important information. Don't forget a pen!

Employees matter to you, so let them know. We can help.


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