Our Happy+Guarantee


Take the gamble out of your purchase with our Happy+ Guarantee™

We get it. When you purchase a promotional product it can feel like a gamble. You want to know you’re receiving a quality product and that you’ll get an exceptional customer experience along the way.


Luckily that’s exactly what we’re good at. At Promo Plus we offer our exclusive Happy+ Guarantee™. Our Plus is Our Service, and our goal is your happiness. If for any reason you’re not happy with your order then neither are we. Whether it’s placing a re-order, issuing you an account credit, or even offering a full refund, if you contact us about it within 30 days of your purchase we’ll work hard to make you happy(plus).


No fluff, no excuses. Just results.


Use the form below to give us more information about any issue you’ve experienced with our products or services. We’ll get you in touch with one of our Client Care Specialists within 24 hours.